An ever increasing Cookbook of recipes for your specific food restrictions

What We Do

We help people that want to make quality enjoyable food, even with specific dietary restrictions, but lack the information and access to be successful, by equipping them with recipes and resources to confidently provide real, healthy, and whole meals.

Cottage Farm Girl has been a non-stop resource for me.  I have a lot of difficult dietary restrictions, and she continues to find ways to create new ways for me to eat well

Krisna Pool

Cottage Farm Girl captivated the attention of 40 kids for Trinity Summer Camp with her amazing cooking class. The class was always the first to fill up because of kids wanting to repeat it. They learned so much. 

Michelle Trombley

Cottage Farm Girl brings incredible flavors & creativity to all of her cooking! She’s a seasoned cook & overall craftswoman with an ability to turn an average dish into something truly special. 

Rebekah Greenawalt

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